Cynthia de Lorenzi, collaborator, Inkandescent Women “What’s Next” Project

Cynthia de Lorenzi is the founder of Success in the City, and international networking group that she launched in 2006 in Washington, DC. She is also an International Motivational and TEDx Women Speaker, former tech CEO, and artist living in Las Cruces, NM.

“I am driven by a passion for innovation, art, creativity and neuroscience you will discover the seeds of that fascination in much of my work,” she explains.

In August 2020, Cynthia began a collaboration with Inkandescent™ Inc., starting with the What’s Next project. In November with Hope Katz Gibbs and book designer Cindy Seip, Cynthia is publishing Your 2021 What’s Next Journal. And in 2021, Hope and Cynthia will be launching a series of fun conferences, webinars, classes, and more! Stay tuned for details.

And scroll down to read more about dynamic Cynthia and check out some of her beautiful creations. 

The Making of 

Growing up in military family we traveled across the United States frequently, giving our entire family the opportunity to explore the world through multiple lenses.

While living in Japan for five years I was afforded the opportunity to study sumi-e, Japanese brush painting. I fell in love with the meditative process of making your own paint with a sumi-e stick,  the delight of working with beautifully created brushes and relishing the elegant nuances of a brush stroke. That meditative experience has stayed with me all of my life.

After stepping away from own personal artistic pursuits for a number of years I have returned to painting with fervor and passion to express my hunger for color and share those things that have filled and emboldened my life. Today I live in Las Cruces, NM a beautiful Mecca for artists, and work with mixed media and acrylics and am presently fueling my souls desire to feel the emotional pull of color in my life.

Prior to moving to Las Cruces I lived just outside of Washington, DC. Before stepping back into expressing my passion for creative expression in my life I enjoyed an exciting professional career. I am often referred to as a social instigator, serial entrepreneur and social commentator on the status of women in our world and their impact on our culture and economy today and in the future. I was selected by the Washington Business Journal as one of the top 25 “Women Who Mean Business” in 2006, SmartCEO magazine I was awarded the BRAVA award in 2009 and was awarded SmartCEO’s Circle of Excellence by my peers as well as recognized by Enterprising Women in 2010.

    Success in the City has been featured in the Business Section of the Washington Post, NPR, DC Modern Luxury Magazine and Washington’s Finest. As founder and chief executive officer of Success in the City, I enjoyed leading an unconventional business networking organization for senior level executive businesswomen in the DC Metropolitan area.

I also enjoy writing for HerLife Magazine and Strictly Marketing Magazine on Google+ for business!

I am passionate about empowering others and the principle of paying-it-forward. In addition to leading Success in the City, I served as a Board member of The Telework Coalition, The Women’s Center and Community Business Partnership including The Women’s Business Center, which provides training, assistance and support to businesswomen in Northern Virginia.

Prior to founding Success in the City I served as the CEO of PatriotNet, an ISP headquartered in Fairfax, VA. Her previous experience includes leadership of the North Texas Technology and as a Political Advocate for the Concord Coalition, a nationwide, non-partisan grassroots organization advocating generationally responsible fiscal policy.

While living in Washington DC I enjoyed working with many influential women, interviewing extraordinary leaders, speaking as a keynote, serving as an emcee, moderator at conferences around the world. I enjoy sharing my experiences as an entrepreneur, CEO, motivational speaker, pundit, commentator and social media expert. I always welcome the opportunity to consult, speak and present to conferences and organizations seeking a fresh perspective on topics related to success, overcoming obstacles and using social media to build business and enhance your brand!

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