Business and Political Coach: Cynthia de Lorenzi, founder of Heels on the Hill, helps women find creative solutions to their business challenges

Cynthia de Lorenzi is a Renaissance Woman. An international motivational speaker who has appeared several times on TEDx Women is also a futurist, artist, photographer, and advocate who is passionate about finding creativity to every challenge. Her work as a business and political coach has helped countless women accomplish their goals and live their dreams.

“I love working with women eager to discover creative, realistic, problem-solving solutions to help their business grow and make personal and professional shifts,” says the highly-recognized former tech CEO and the founder of Success in the City and Heels on the Hill, the acclaimed women’s unconventional networking organization. “If you are looking for a trusted advisor eager to help you understand why “can” versus why you can’t this may be the perfect match for you!”

Services and fees include: 

  • Session 1: Initial Intake = 60 minutes, $80 — What’s bugging you and what challenges, fears and uncertainties are you facing? What changes are you interested in making and what opportunities would you like to explore for yourself? What kind of advice are you looking for and how do you like to solve problems and challenges. Homework: Create a working journal to begin fleshing out your opportunities and challenges.
  • Sessions 2: Key Issues = 60 minutes, $60 — Focus on key issues of your homework and exploring each opportunity or challenge and setting out a plan. Homework: Bullet point action items.
  • Session 3: Strategic Plan = 60 minutes, $60 — Set out a strategic plan for going forward in your career and special projects; discussion of any roadblocks you are facing. Homework: Assessment of strategic planning and suggestions for facing challenges and creating new opportunities.
  • Session 4: Accountability Review = 60 minutes, $60 — Both mentor and mentee and assessment of next steps. How are we doing working together? Homework: based on discussions next step jointly agreed on.
  • Session 5: Taking stock = 60 minutes, $60 — Discussion of any improvements, accomplishments and blocks/challenges you are facing Homework: Assigned based on discussions.

Package option: $300 for 5 sessions (additional sessions available: $30/30minutes, $50/50 minutes, $60/ 60 minutes)