Embrace the Power of Positivity: 52 Women + 52 Weeks of Affirmations to Help You Live the Life of your Dreams


From the authors:

Dear Beautiful Inkandescent Woman,

We are reaching out to you because you inspire us with all that you accomplish every single day. You embody the qualities of leadership, insight, honesty, patience and perseverance. And, through your work, you inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.

That’s why we are inviting you to be part of our new project: Your 2021 What’s Next Journal.

Unlike other Journals, it is designed to provide a sacred space for women everywhere to have intimate conversations — with themselves. This powerful tool can help tap into your deepest desires, uncover your truth and dreams, ignite your passions, nurture your soul, and touch your heart.

Here’s what we are cooking up: Your 2021 What’s Next Journal

  • 12 Months of Chapters: Each month of the journal features a Truly Amazing Woman of the Month who shares her thoughts for What’s Next in her business, industry, and her life.
  • Inspirational Prompts: Because our goal is to help readers unlock their inner magic to help them think and feel their way toward What’s Next in their own lives, each month of the  journal includes a series of Prompts based on the work Hope is doing in her magazine BeInkandescent Health & Wellness. These include the business of:
    • MindWriting Prompt — from Hope, a journalist for 30+ years, and a writing coach
    • BodyGet Moving Prompt — a powerful pose and meditation by beloved yoga and exercise teachers and afficionados
    • Spirit: Affirmation prompt — This is where you come in!
    • Soul: Art Prompt — by
    • Heart: Love Prompt — because the key to heart-health is eating well; we asked a dozen of our favorite female chefs to share their recipes. Enjoy! 

Here’s our request: Write + Record + Send Us your Affirmations by Nov. 25, 2020

  1. Let us know you are game to participate so we can reserve your spot. Reply to this email: and cc:
  2. ASAP send us 1-3 Affirmations you believe are most relevant in your life and career for the coming year: Be sure to also send us your name as you’d like it to appear, your title, a short bio (1-3 sentences), a link to your website and a high-res photo of yourself.
  3. Record and send a brief video clip: If you are game to go even bigger with us, create a Zoom recording of yourself reciting your affirmations — just hit the record button on Zoom, use your cell phone, or have a friend record you. A video that’s 15-30 seconds will do the trick. Be sure to say your name and the name of your organization at the start of the recording. Then send us the mp4 file via Dropbox:
  4. Look forward: In addition to including your affirmation in our 2021 What’s Next Journal, we will be publishing them as the collection as the cover story of the December issue of, and in each Note throughout the year. More fun!
  5. Jump on the opportunity: Please send us your goodies by November 25 — before would be better! Questions? Send an email to Hope.

Here’s a little guidance: Whether you are new to the practice or are pro at reciting affirmations to yourself daily (yes, we walk around talking to ourselves, too), Cynthia has crafted 108 prompts to inspire your Affirmations (scroll down for those). Here are a few of our daily affirmations:

  • Hope’s favorite: I can do this!
    • I am loved. I am creative. I am kind. I am brave.
    • I breathe in three times deeply whenever fear, worry or doubt creeps into my heart.
    • I am calm and collected. Nobody can disturb my peace.
  • Cynthia sharesEach day I am filled with creative and inspiring ideas for painting images that delight and inspire others!
    • Abundance, happiness and inspiration in all aspects of life flows easily to me and into my life!
    • I deeply and easily breathe in positive energy, which fuels my life and body and creates the perfect environment for robust health!
    • I am safe and make excellent choices for my life and my body!
  • Cindy says: That’s nice!
    • She explains: “I say this whenever something worries, bugs or concerns me. I simply say aloud, ‘That’s nice.’ And for some reason those two words carry power and make me feel better immediately. It’s magical.”

Here’s a gift from Cynthia: “I have crafted 108 prompts to help get your creative juices flowing. Pick one to get you started or play with a bunch of them to see what resonates with you. Most importantly, have fun tapping into your inner wisdom and deep intuition!” You’ll find that document posted below. 

Here’s some scientific food for thought: “We know there is science in the magic and magic in the science,” Cynthia insists. So we turned to Positive Psychologist and MBA Catherine Moore for insight. “Science-based MRI evidence suggests certain neural pathways are increased when people practice self-affirmation tasks,” she explains in her article, Positive Affirmations: Is there Science Behind It? To learn more, click here to discover how and why Affirmations work.

Thank you so very much for your time and support! We are so excited to share your wisdom and inspiration! — Hope, Cynthia and Cindy, Your 2012 What’s Next Journal team,

108 Affirmation Prompts to Spark your Imagination

Scroll down for a list of affirmation prompts by Cynthia to guide you on your journey into 2021.

  1. Simply finish the sentence with the confidence that what you envision and hope for is already real, true, and playing out beautifully in your life! 
  2. Pick one or play with several as you fire up your imagination.
  3. These are but a few of the infinite

Here’s to your brilliance! — Cynthia de Lorenzi

Artwork by — Love it? Check out her Collection in the where you’ll discover more of Cynthia’s gorgeous paintings inspired by the high desert of Las Cruces, NM

Let inspiration be your guide: 

  1. I am:
  2. I welcome:
  3. I earn:
  4. I love:
  5. I will:
  6. I attract:
  7. I easily:
  8. I am a:
  9. It is safe for me to:
  10. I always:
  11. I release:
  12. The universe supports me by:
  13. I make:
  14. My talents are many and include:
  15. It is easy for me to achieve:
  16. I am prosperous in:
  17. I easily receive:
  18. I am grateful for:
  19. My purpose is:
  20. I am open to:
  21. My soul is connected to:
  22. I vibrate:
  23. Thank you, universe, for:
  24. I am always attracting:
  25. I am aligned with:
  26. I am connected to:
  27. I allow:
  28. It is safe for me to:
  29. I am a magnet for:
  30. I am a powerful….
  31. I am powerful at. .
  32. I can now do, achieve, have, enjoy, see….
  33. I am abundant in
  34. I have plenty of…
  35. I am receiving
  36. I affirm:
  37. I am happily:
  38. I can afford:
  39. I am grateful for:
  40. I attract a constant stream of:
  41. I am open to receiving, accepting, having…
  42. In this very moment I am, have:
  43. I expand:
  44. I always have more than enough of:
  45. I radiate:
  46. I am now rich in:
  47. My powerful, useful work here on earth is to:
  48. It is easiest for me to:
  49. My prosperity is:
  50. I am free from:
  51. I see myself as:
  52. I feel better when I:
  53. Every day I say to myself:
  54. My ______ is overflowing with:
  55. I affirm here and now and am determined today to:
  56. I allow myself to:
  57. I am aligned with:
  58. I can afford:
  59. I am financially:
  60. My success looks like:
  61. I am so happy that I can, do, have, see:
  62. I get paid to:
  63. I am a magnet for:
  64. The mission of my successful business is:
  65. I am manifesting:
  66. I am connected to:
  67. I am destined to:
  68. Money comes to me from:
  69. I embrace and accept that:
  70. I am ready to:
  71. I choose to:
  72. My health is:
  73. I vibrate:
  74. I have:
  75. Today I am going to do one thing:
  76. Thank you for:
  77. It is time for:
  78. I always have:
  79. I effortlessly and magically:
  80. It is safe for me to:
  81. To me, financial independence means:
  82. _______ flows to me every day and this is what I do to embrace and appreciate it:
  83. I have a great relationship with:
  84. I am free to:
  85. I am committed to:
  86. I am smiling because:
  87. My goals for today, this week, this month, this year are:
  88. It is easy for me to create:
  89. I easily and effortlessly attract:
  90. The door is open for me to:
  91. _____ is drawn to me, and this is how I embrace and honor it:
  92. I choose to be:
  93. My deepest wish today is to:
  94. I get paid to:
  95. I deserve:
  96. I can afford to:
  97. I find joy in these 3 simple things:
  98. I experience joy in these 5 ways:
  99. I choose to think:
  100.  I see myself in a year from now as:
  101.  Wherever I go I:
  102.  I am happy to:
  103.  I am forever more going to:
  104.  I congratulate myself for:
  105.  I am surrounded with:
  106.  I am open to:
  107.  I see myself as:
  108.  I am ready for: