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In this episode of "Women in the Arena" host Audra Agen interviews Cynthia DeLorenzi and Hope Katz Gibbs, authors of "Your 2021 What's Next Journal" — the perfect gift for yourself and all of the wonderful, thoughtful women in your life.


What’s Next for Audra Agen: Host, “Women in the Arena”

A Note from the Truly Amazing Women team: Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher and Cynthia de Lorenzi, founder Success in the City — We are thrilled to introduce you to Audra Agen, a corporate executive with a 25 + history in creating value for some of the largest global organizations — where she experienced an unequal balance of opportunity.

“The women I have worked with have been some of the most talented, accomplished individuals in business today, yet their value was not recognized, and opportunities that would allow them to maximize their full potential were limited,” she explains. “That’s why I created the podcast show — Women in the Arena. No other platform existed where everyday, relatable women could have an opportunity to be celebrated for the remarkable individuals they are.”

The mission is to celebrate women doing extraordinary things — in plain sight, insists Audra, who often tells anyone who will listen that she’s trying to change the world one interview at a time.

“I am showcasing that we all have a unique value that we bring to the world,” Audra insists. “As women, while we come from different backgrounds, all face similar situations, Collectively, we can shift the balance to give all women equal opportunity to shine.”

Scroll down for Audra’s thoughts on What’s Next. 

“Women in the Arena,” a podcast show hosted by Audra Agen

Hope & Cynthia: Tell us briefly about your business/industry and where it was before the pandemic hit in March 2020.

Audra Agen: In December of 2019, I was told that my position had been eliminated. I had just started a new role with a different business unit within my corporation.

Hope & Cynthia: Where were you personally in your life at that time? What were your short and long-term goals at the time?

Audra: In my brand new role, I was learning something completely new. My short term goal was to earn my role as quickly as possible to start contributing. I had started to make plans on how to get to the next level within my organization.

Hope & Cynthia: Where are you now: your industry, your business, your personal life, your heart?

As far as my role is concerned, I’m still learning — but I am much more advanced in my knowledge. However, I have found that I have truly found my value in creating this podcast. I’m being led to showcase as many women as possible because their stories are changing lives, mine included. I desire to continue to grow my audience and perhaps shift my career in a completely different direction. Much to my surprise, I have found my voice, strength, and value by helping other women find theirs.

Hope & Cynthia: Now the big question: What do you see coming next, and where do you think we are going from here?

  • For your industry: My industry will continue to evolve as it changes as fast as the world does.
  • For your company: My company’s challenge is whether or not they can respond to the changes in an appropriate manner and at the proper speed.
  • For yourself: I’m going to continue to challenge myself by doing more things that scare me. Creating this podcast scared me, but it has been worth it. I have a vision for this platform, and it’s all in the effort to unite women in the knowledge that their time is now. And we can do it together.
  • For the country: The country is shifting, but it won’t do so easily. Those that hold power can feel that grip slipping, and this is why we see so much strife.
  • For the world: The world is also shifting, acknowledging that women have major contributions to give. Women have the ability to look at the world from a complete point of view and much decisions that will be of benefit for all, not just some.
  • For women: Women need to understand that we need each other. Together we can accomplish so much; we can change policies, governments, corporations, and the world. But it must be done together. So we need to get in the habit of celebrating each other’s wins and eliminate that feeling of jealously when we see another woman succeed. We need to start acknowledging that her win is our win.

Stay tuned for much more from this Truly Amazing Woman! And be sure to check out her podcast radio show, Women in the Arena!