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Flip the script and create opportunities for women in film: Support LunaFest 2021, Oct. 15-17

October 2021: We honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month with an invitation to watch the truly amazing documentaries featured on LUNAFEST® 2021. 

We discovered this fabulous festival when attorney Kelsey McKay, founder of RESPOND Against Violence, became a sponsor this year to raise awareness and funds to support her growing organization. After buying a ticket and watching the documentaries, the team at Inkandescent Women magazine knew that all of our readers needed to know about this!

Click here to join the party and support RESPOND. Scroll down to learn more! 

About LUNAFEST®: “Since 2001, we have been flipping the script, creating opportunities for women in film. These talented women directors bring stories from all over the world­–sharing new perspectives and lighting a fire in the industry,” explain the founders. “Discover the groundbreaking women from prior seasons who have pushed progress and paved the way for the filmmakers in this year’s line-up.”

Films feature strong women, powerful images, and impactful language. Stories reflect the diverse perspectives of the filmmakers and their subjects. May contain content that is not suitable for children or teens. The 2021 Season features seven (7) short films with a total running time of 86 minutes.

Back in 1999, LUNA® was introduced as the very first nutrition bar for women. Our mission was to create momentum, champion women, and spark change. To fuel women’s ambition, as well as their bodies. That vision inspired us to create LUNAFEST in 2001, the world’s first all-women traveling film festival.

“For the past 20 years, we’ve celebrated a powerful and diverse set of women filmmakers and given their short films a national platform,” they explain, noting the first event was a small but hopeful screening in California. Since then, we’ve celebrated and shared the work of 170 women filmmakers, raising over $6 million for local women’s causes. Now our unique platform travels to over 200 cities each season.”

This year, LUNA went a step further and co-produced three films with its partner, Chicken & Egg Pictures. This nonprofit provides mentorship and critical financial support to women nonfiction filmmakers.

“But our work is not yet done,” they know. “Let’s flip the script on equality.”

Host an event or attend a screening. Someday women will have an equal stage. Someday Is Now®.