Meet Dr. Ibilola Amao, Principal Consultant of Lonadek Global Services in London

Who she is: Dr. Ibilola Amao, Ph.D, BSc, FIoD, FEI, FNSE & FIM, the Principal Consultant of Lonadek Global Services. A STEM/TECH specialist and entrepreneur since 1991, she focuses on energy transition, digital transformation, sustainability, and innovation.

A first-class civil and structural engineering graduate from Queen Mary University London (1985) and a Ph.D. in Computer-Aided-Design and Draughting from the University of Bradford (1988/9). She has taken Executive Management Development Courses from Harvard Business School, Manchester Business School, Cornell University, Boston University, Stanford Business School, and IESE Spain.

She is an honorary Fellow of the Queen Mary University of London and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, Energy Institute (EI) UK, and Nigerian Society of Engineers. She sits on the Energy Institute IE Week Board and the panel of judges for the Royal Academy of Engineering UK Africa Prize. Ibilola is a Co-Founder of the Women in Energy Network (WIEN), a WEConnect International Chapter council member, and provides Engineering Technology Expertise on boards.

What she does: Ibilola has over 30 years of experience in talent identification, development, and engagement. As a Human Resources Consultant, she delivers Human Capital Development Initiatives (HCDIs). She is an exceptional mentor and coach who guides professionals in their leadership roles. Ibilola executes international projects through partnerships in the UK, US, UAE, Africa, and Europe.

Ibilola held a Board position with the Energy Institute (UK) for two terms of six years and has been on the Board of the International Energy (IE) week. She chairs the STEM Committee of the Institute of Directors (IoD) UK Glass Ceiling Group. She has served on the panel of the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) Africa Prize judges.

In addition, Ibilola has more than three decades of experience working with global proprietors of Engineering Technology solutions as an Executive Business Development Strategist in collaboration with multinational companies such as AVEVA. Ibilola has grown its business in Africa and successfully deployed international projects in the region of £500,000 – £2m through partnerships in the UK, US, UAE, Africa, and Europe.

Why she does it: “As a career counselor, mentor, and coach to many in leadership, I am compelled to communicate effectively across various channels,” Ibilola explains. “As a female professional who has served as an Executive in a male-dominated sector, I have learned to be compassionate and emphatic to others through exposure to various unconscious biases. Having developed a thick skin over the past years, I am now in a privileged position to support more sensitive persons who need to see the bigger picture beyond race and gender bias.

“I am also a vocal advocate of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Suppose there is a need to tackle the systemic challenges around workplace equality, personal bias, or exclusionary culture through diversity and inclusion. In that case, I am the right influencer in any team. Ibilola believes that all employees should have the same experience or opportunities in the workplace. Inclusion is key to delivering impact by empowering employees to thrive.”

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