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A Note from Marguerita Cheng, CFP® — Welcome to my new radio show, “Diary of a CFP® Pro,” where I’ll share insight into how women will learn how to improve their knowledge of financial matters so they can gain financial security.

This show is a companion to my upcoming book of the same title. I’ll be doing webinars on the last Friday of the month, where I invite you to join me for “Margaritas with Marguerita” on the Inkandescent Radio network. Pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and download the worksheet for this month’s session. In 15 minutes, I’ll share the month’s topic’s details and take any questions that you might have! Scroll down for a preview of what you can expect!

On today’s show: With Inkandescent Radio producer Hope Katz Gibbs we will talk about the book, my background, these podcasts, and the webinars that she’ll be hosting on Inkandescent Women magazine.

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Diary of a CFP® Pro: A year of tips to help women flex their financial muscle

  • Introduction: 7 Important Tips You Need to Know Now About CFP® Professionals
  • January: 6 Personal Financial Planning Tips to Help Navigate the Pandemic’s Financial Impact
  • February: 10 Tips for New Partners to Seamlessly Plan Together
  • March: Celebrate International Women’s Month with Mindful Financial Planning — 6 Tips for Women
  • April: How to Recession-Proof Your Retirement Income Plan
  • May: Preparing Financially for a Baby
  • June: Congrats, grads! Now Start Tackling Your Student Debt
  • July: On Celebration of Independence Day — Here’s What I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career
  • August: 4 Ways to Cut Childcare Costs
  • September: How to Protect Your Elders from Financial Fraud
  • October: The Importance of Estate Planning: Create Your Legacy
  • November: When Impact Investing Is Worth It
  • December: How to Protect Your Credit Cards Online