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April 15, 2022: On today's show, Rita asks our guest Melody Young, CFP® candidate: You were a classroom teacher what are some resources available to those teaching financial literacy? What is FPA doing to support career changers? And more — don't miss it!


Career changer: Why did classroom teacher Melody Young become a CFP® candidate?

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Meet our guest: Melody Young, CFP® candidate

Today’s Topic: From classroom teacher to financial advice-r

Rita asks Melody: 

1. In the title for today’s podcast you use financial advice-r emphasizing the word advice. Tell us about that.

2. You were a classroom teacher what are some resources available to those teaching financial literacy?

3. Tell us about the Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) designation.

4. You’re a career changer. What is FPA doing to support career changers?

Scroll down for links to the resources and organizations that Melody knows will be helpful to other career changers! 

About Melody Young: ​A candidate for CFP® Certification, Melody is the NexGen Chair for the San Gabriel Valley chapter of FPA, located in Los Angeles, CA. She is one of three national NexGen reps for OneFPA, focusing on career changers, and is also a member of NAPFA. Previously, she taught math at Arcadia High School and California State University in Los Angeles, where she obtained her Math degree. During Melody’s 20-year tenure at Arcadia HS, she specialized in teaching the lower-level math courses, where the students need the best teaching strategies to train and often re-train their skills. These students demanded to know when they would ever need to use any of these skills in the “real world.” This is where her enthusiasm for math, sociology, and theatre resulted in some unorthodox teaching methods, and where she developed her warrior spirit. She made a point of creating teachable moments to showcase real applications of math including the cost (and benefit) of compound interest, the purpose of paying a security deposit, and the necessity of reading the fine print. Learn more here.

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