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How portrait photographer Kim Brundage brings out the beauty in every woman

Meet Kim Brundage, a personal branding photographer based in Richmond, VA. At her famous monthly Headshot Parties, Kim creates powerful  portraits that brand corporate and entrepreneurial women — and men —  in a fashion that brings out that internal sparkle we all want the world to see.

And there’s more. In 2018, this talented photographer launched a video and photo series entitled, IdentityRVA!

Kim fills galleries with her art, such as the Crossroads Art Center in Richmond, VA. There, her bold, beautiful portraits of 11 women — along with inspiring videos of each (filmed and produced by the Richmond firm Memories Videography) were also featured.

“The goal of IdentityRVA! is to shine a light on the humanity in each of us as fellow human beings,” says Kim. “The project seeks to raise awareness and explore issues around how we are all more alike than we might think despite some of our differences.”

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If you are looking for an exquisite portrait, click here to learn more about Kim’s branding services.

About Kim Brundage: This award-winning, sought after photographer, based in Richmond, VA, is also a personal branding specialist. Kim’s client roster includes CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Kim is known for her ability to reveal her client’s true “personal brand” through guided exercises an amazing experiences at her studio.