Stacy LaMotta is making fun of fundraising

A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher, Inkandescent Women magazineIt’s always an honor to meet people who have dedicated themselves and their businesses to helping others. Such is the case for Stacy LaMotta, founder of Creative Coastal Connections Corp., whose organization has helped raise more than $220,000 for local charities in the last seven years.

Wine, Food, and Music festivals are her fundraising focus. In the organization’s first year in business back in 2015, the festival raised $12,000, which we donated to the Rotary Club of Georgetown-Millsboro’s initiative, End Polio Now. Last year, she donated $38,000 to Pathways to Success, which helps prepare youth, adults, and their families for successful lives, I am so proud that we are growing annually and able to help organizations doing such valuable work in our community.

This fall, a crowd of 500 people will have the opportunity to “Wine for a Cause” when Stacy hosts the eighth Annual Southern Delaware Wine, Food & Music Festival at Nassau Valley Vineyards in Lewes on Saturday, September 16, from noon to 3:30 pm.

Festival proceeds from the 2023 event will go to Head Start Delaware, which has 13 centers in Sussex and Kent counties. A free service of Children & Families First, Head Start provides high-quality early childhood education programs for children from birth to 5 years old.

“We embrace diversity, welcome children and families of all backgrounds and abilities, including those with special needs, and accept applications year-round,” explains Laura Bartus, Communications & Engagement Manager for Children & Families First, Scroll down for more info about Head Start.

Festival details:

  • Tickets are $150/person, and Stacy is expecting a crowd of 500 people to spend the afternoon feasting on culinary delights provided by more than 20 local restaurants, such as DiFebo’s, Seed, and The Federal.
  • Beverages include more than 100 varieties of wines, craft beers, and cocktails.
  • The crowd will be entertained by musicians in three different areas, and there will be a silent auction and blind wine taste test table where novices and advanced-level aficionados can test their wine knowledge.
  • The signature event, Chef Throwdown, will have a unique twist as two teams of creative chefs battle in a “chop-style” competition of who is the best — Northern vs. Southern Delaware.

Stacy’s goal: “This is not only an amazingly indulgent day of wine, food, and music, it’s a celebration of life, laughter, friendship, and togetherness that gives back to and strengthens our community.”

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About Head Start

Early childhood education programs play an indispensable role in preparing children from birth to five years from low-income backgrounds for success in kindergarten. Offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to early childhood education, combining educational, health, and social services for children and their families – these programs provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters academic readiness, social-emotional development, and overall well-being.

Recognizing the extended periods of lockdowns, school closures, and social isolation posed by the pandemic would have profound and lasting effects on children’s overall development and well-being, CFF Head Start programs adapted quickly to ensure that children’s learning and growth continued uninterrupted. For over a year, CFF Head Start provided families with tablets, Wi-Fi, and a robust remote learning platform, including live virtual classroom time with their teachers and peers, innovative resources, and family-time activities to bridge the gap created by disruption in traditional learning. Dedicated educators and support staff went above and beyond to engage children, encouraging their curiosity and nurturing their cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

Reopening 12 center locations throughout Kent and Sussex counties with the return to in-person classroom learning at the beginning of the 2021 school year, new challenges arose – increased behavioral problems, mental health supports for the whole family, nutritious meals, access to healthcare, and other vital resources – clearly defining an urgent need for the comprehensive, whole family, wrap-around supports.

“Head Start programs have always been crucial in providing a strong foundation for children’s development, and their significance has become even more evident in the pandemic,” said Laura Bartus, Communications Director at Children & Families First. “Through their tireless efforts, Head Start educators and staff have demonstrated exceptional resilience and adaptability, ensuring that no child is left behind and that they have the tools they need to thrive despite the adversity they have faced.”

As we navigate the path to recovery and rebuilding, investing in Head Start early childhood education programs is an act of compassion and a strategic decision. The benefits of high-quality early education are well-documented, with research consistently showing that children who participate in such programs are more likely to succeed academically, have improved long-term health outcomes, and contribute positively to society. “While there are lots of itemized things I could list off about exactly how the proceeds from SoDel Fest will support Head Start programs,” said Bartus, “the very best summary I can give you is this. This funding is the beacon of hope that together we can ensure a bright and promising future for the next generation.”

Click here to learn more about Head Start.

About Stacy LaMotta

When she isn’t planning or running the annual Sodel Fest, Stacy’s life orbits around her devotion to yoga, wellness, and all definitions of fitness as they relate to mind, body, and spirit.  For over 40 years, she has been helping people improve the quality of their lives through healthy living, stress management, and all kinds of movement/exercise.  In addition to being a certified Yoga Instructor, Stacy is a Medical Exercise & Post-Rehab Specialist, an ISSA Personal Trainer, a ZUMBA teacher, a Healthy Living Coach, and a certified Pilates instructor.

As a teacher, her rich history in movement and her matter-of-fact physical clarity is buoyed by her warm personality and her genuine love of teaching.  Every time she speaks of fitness, she is reminded that life is meant to be full of smiles, peace, joy, and happiness. The energy she exudes while sharing her knowledge makes you happy you know her!

Stacy developed a weight loss/better health program, which led to a study that proved that with her program, people could lose weight, get off medications and enjoy life to the fullest.  This program went on to be sold on television and helped thousands of people!

Stacy loves life, thrives on adventure, challenges, and peace in her heart!  She loves to discover new places and new people who share her vision.

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