Meet LA dress designer Vecani Ramírez: Her buttery-soft clothing line + colorful masks that keeps us comfortable, and safe

A Note from Hope, publisher, Inkandescent Women magazine — As we continue to work our way through the coronavirus global pandemic, it has been our Inkandescent™ Inc. goal to find ways to bring light to any darkness by joining forces with our community of truly amazing women.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to LA fashion designer Vecani Ramírez, one of the newest members of our Inkandescent Shop, who is helping us launch the Inkandescent™ Kids Face Mask Project. We’ve been working on this since the pandemic took hold in LA in March 2020 and the CDC began requiring residents to wear face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Since the start of the pandemic Vecani Ramírez has been making comfortable colorful hand-painted face masks to help comfort and protect the masses — and not scare kids. For each face mask sold, another is donated to children and others in need.

In addition to her masks, we are proud to also carry Vecani’s custom-made dresses, frocks, and other soft, stylish garments. You are going to love her Frida Kahlo-inspired designs. Be sure to check out the Vecani Collection.

About The Inkandescent™ Kids Face Mask Project

“I have the power to transform all of my hardships into beauty and strength,” is a favorite quote from Yehuda Berg’s meditation book, The 72 Names of God. I think of that quote often upon waking to read about another scientific discovery about COVID-19, a contradiction that causes more confusion, or the mounting illness and death caused by it.

I also think of Vecani, who I met last fall when my friend Christy Jones took me to her booth at the Claremont Farmer’s Market telling us both: “You need to know this woman!” As usual, Christy was right. Not only did I immediately purchase several of Vecani’s dresses, we struck up a friendship that led me to call her the day LA required us to wear face masks to find that she was not only crafting them — she was donating one for each sold.

Knowing we could join forces to bring her colorful creations to more people, we started the Inkandescent Face Mask Project that you are reading about today.

Of course, getting into the mask business wasn’t something the native of Mexico ever imagined.

“When the California officials put state residents on lock down in March 2020, I figured I’d do a lot of painting, cooking, and take a much needed rest,” admits the designer who sells her custom-made dresses, frocks, and other buttery soft, stylish garments through our Inkandescent™ Shop. “But then I realized that people needed face masks, and I was the perfect person to make them.”

Face Mask Rules

Since the CDC announced the importance of wearing face masks in public, Vecani has donated more than 1,000 face masks. She believes “they are a little less intimidating than the white or black options.”

But there are important things to know about staying safe by wearing your face mask.

  • First and foremost: Be sure it fits snugly but comfortably against the sides of the face and is secured with ties or ear loops, includes multiple layers of fabric, allows for breathing without restriction, and can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.
  • Realize: Wearing a cloth mask might help protect people around you, especially if you happen to be infected with Covid-19, but do not have symptoms yet. That’s why masks are crucial for health and social care workers looking after patients—and are also recommended for family members who need to care for someone who is ill.
  • Understand: While wearing a face mask is certainly not a guarantee you won’t get sick—because viruses can be transmitted through the eyes and tiny viral particles (aka: aerosols) can penetrate cloth masks. Still, the CDC reports that masks are effective at capturing droplets, which is one of the main transmission routes of coronavirus. Details here.
  • Be aware: Do not put a face mask on kids under 2 years old—or anyone who has difficulty breathing or might be unable to remove the mask themselves. Do not remove a mask by its mouth area—grab it by the straps. Wash your hands after touching it. Unfortunately, the thin layer of cloth of a bandana or scarf won’t do the trick in protecting you from transmitting the virus so do not opt for that instead of a mask, which provides multiple layers of protection and fits more tightly over your face.
  • Remember: Wash your hands and your mask daily. Change the double layer of coffee filter protection inside the mask daily. Disinfect your mask regularly with a solution of 10-parts water with 1-part bleach. Mix, and pour into a spray bottle to carry with you. Diligently wash your mask in hot water and detergent. Stay smart, stay calm, and be safe!

Buy yours today!

  • Cost: $10 per mask, including shipping
  • Sizes: Small (kids under 10), Large (adults)
  • Colors: pink, purple, turquoise, orange
  • Special offer: A purchase of one of Vecani’s dresses comes with a free face mask. View those here.
  • Click here to buy your face mask.