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“If you are just suiting up for a Zoom call from the waist up, wearing a gorgeous silk tie sends the message that you are a professional,” says Wyoming-based fine artist Kay Stratman, creator of Tie Tracks.


Kay Stratman’s Tie Tracks: Hand-painted ties that are as unique as you are!

Meet Kay Stratman, founder of Tie Tracks: This Wyoming-based company was transplanted years ago from Washington, DC, when Kay and her husband Paul decided a view of the mountains was more sublime than a view of the Beltway. So the couple packed up their belongings — including Kay’s entire art studio and hand-painted tie business.

Inkandescent™ Inc. is thrilled to be featuring those ties in our shop because we know you are unique — your ties should be, too!

  • Each tie is an original created by hand by Kay. You’ll find an assortment of colors and designs here, which you purchase for $35 each, with a simple click that will take you to our SquareUp store.
  • The ties are 100% silk, designed and hand-painted by Kay.  Many of the subjects are one-offs, and some may be repeated yet still individually hand-painted and not identical. The nuances inherent in hand-created art are intentional and make each tie unique.
  • These make great gifts for school teachers, pediatricians, coaches, book clubs — not to mention Zoom meetings, interviews, and cocktail parties.
  • That’s not all! For every tie purchased, Tie Tracks will donate one tie to an organization that helps men dress for success.
  • But act fast: There are only 100 ties in this limited collection!

Scroll down to read Kay’s story about the origin of Tie Tracks.

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TIE TRACKS: Creative Neckwear

By Kay Stratman

It all began with a muddy dog paw print on the kitchen floor and a reluctance to wear ties. (The origin of ideas doesn’t usually make sense!)  After receiving many compliments on his dog print ties, my husband Paul encouraged me to expand my repertoire. With our shared interest in the outdoors, that was not difficult, and TIE TRACKS was born.

That was 25 years ago.

These days I focus on fine art painting but still have a collection of limited edition ties to share with anyone appreciating making a sartorial statement.

Do you need a gift for someone who spends time on Zoom conference calls?  Now is the time to make an impression from the waist up while wearing sweatpants!  These are also a great gift for anyone (like Paul) who is reluctant to wear a tie, yet must on occasion.

I believe that wearing something that relates to your personal interests always makes it a little easier to do something you aren’t so keen on doing. Tie Tracks serve that purpose for lovers of the great outdoors!

Once this collection of approximately 100 ties is gone, there will be no more Tie Tracks — and you will have purchased a unique item.

More photos of additional ties in the collection of 100 are coming soon: As I continue to exhibit on Inkandescent SHOP, I will add more images of available ties.  Feel free to contact me if you have a question or to inquire about availability. We hope you enjoy wearing your connection to the outdoors, even when you are indoors:

Buy your Kay Stratman original today! 

And, click here to check out Kay’s gorgeous paintings.