“As we heal the planet, we heal ourselves,” explains award-winning artist Shannon Willow

A note from intuitive psychotherapist and author Kara Kihm, LCSW, host of Discovering My Wings Show on the Inkandescent Radio Network — Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of Discovering My Wings. As you know, I’m the author of the book about how my life profoundly transformed when I began listening to my intuition. This show is designed to help you do the same.

Today’s guest: Shannon Willow, an award-winning artist, facilitator, and advocate for Mother Earth

Our topic: To heal our planet, we must heal ourselves

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About our guest: Shannon is a conscious creative strategist passionate about engaging people in the present moment. An award-winning artist, she uses art as a tool to break down barriers and create connections. And, Shannon shares her affection for our planet, and all living beings, by devoting herself to awareness of our interconnectedness.

Shannon has created murals throughout the Atlanta area and has an active studio practice focusing on reflections of Mama Gaia. As an interdisciplinary artist, she uses oil painting and sculpture as her mediums. Shannon has facilitated thousands of people through creative team-building experiences designed to shift company culture and communities. Shannon’s murals have been featured on Netflix. She is a trained painter and graphic designer with a BFA from Ball State University in Indiana.

Her organization, ECOsoulcare, is Shannon’s fervent response to our climate crisis with the conviction of normalizing conversations and inspired action to work towards carbon neutrality and low-waste living. Using her artistic vision, creative spirit, extensive research, and heart-forward attitude as a personal ECO coach and art activist. Shannon is a lifelong learner trained by the Climate Reality Project and is currently in school with the Four Winds Society. Shannon’s intersectionality of art activism and eco-consciousness can be seen and felt in all her work. Her philosophy is based on the idea that to heal our planet; we must heal ourselves. Learn more at and

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