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Spring 2024: Businesswomen are on a Roll

24 in 2024: After decades of hard work, these two dozen female entrepreneurs are tasting the sweetness of success

Winter 2024: Make Great Food, Not War

Make Food, Not War: The Art of Cooking Well in 2024

Fall 2023: Inkandescent Women on a Mission

When it comes to making a difference in the world, these 20 women are making strides and changing lives

Summer 2023: Shooting Back

Photo Phenoms have you in their lens: Learn the backstories of 8 fabulous female photographers

Spring 2023: Celebrate Financial Literacy

Celebrate Financial Literacy all Spring with Marguerita Cheng, CFP® Pro — plus, meet 25 female financial experts who are helping us flex our money muscles

Winter 2023: Education Rules

From K-12 to Higher Ed: Meet a Dozen of the Nation's Top Teachers

Fall 2022: Women Writers on Top

Female Domination: Meet two dozen women authors who have conquered the world of publishing

Summer 2022

The magic of going within: Meet 15 therapists featured on Kara Kihm's intuitive therapy show as they share their healing journeys, and teach us how we can spread our wings

April-May 2022

Happy Financial Literacy Month: Meet a dozen female financial industry leaders who are helping women manage their money & and harness their power

March 2022

Celebrate International Women's Month with 15 Pioneering Women: Meet the leaders heading boldly into the future with courage, passion, and an inner-knowing about what is their authentic next step

January-February 2022

Making Magic in 2022: Join these truly amazing women in their quest to discover joy, love, and inner peace — and help you ascend to new heights, too!

November-December 2021

A Dozen Women Authors are on the Adventure of a Lifetime: Come along for the ride — Inkandescent™ PR + Publishing Co.

September-October 2021

Be Part of the Change: Help Us Honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month

July-August 2021

Let Freedom Reign: Meet 8 Women Who are Claiming their Independence with Flair and Fireworks!

June 2021

Celebrate National Security Month with 8 Women Who Teach Us the Art of Self-Mastery

May 2021

What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail? 8 Female Filmmakers Take Us Behind the Scenes of their Journeys to Success

April 2021

Women + Money: Harnessing the Power of Abundance

March 2021

Celebrate Women's History Month: Discover the Secrets of 12 Truly Amazing Women Who are Living the Life of Their Dreams

February 2021

February 2021: As we celebrate the month of love may you dream without fear, love without limits

January 2021

What's Next in the Pandemic? Front line workers and business owners share their insights

December 2020

The Art of Saying Goodbye: Prepare to Dance Your Way into the New Year with "Your 2021 What's Next Journal"

November 2020

The Gift of Giving Thanks: Celebrate Everything You Have, Everything You Love, Everything You Are

October 2020

The Survivor Issue: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month Voices4Change • #RaiseYourVoice

September 2020

What's Next for Entrepreneurs? Learn how 7 small business owners are supersizing their big ideas

August 2020

What's Next? 14 Powerful Industry Players Help Us Envision the Future

July 2020

Black Lives Matter: Meet 9 inspiring women who are leading us into the future

June 2020

Embracing Change: In the era of "My Corona" how are you rising to the occasion?

May 2020

Educating Women: From giraffes to mental health practitioners and historians, meet the women who help us love to learn!

April 2020

The Superstar Issue: Learn why "Here She Comes Again" is the theme song for these 8 truly amazing women!

March 2020

Empowered Women Empower Women: Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back.

February 2020

Make Your Own Kind of Music: Sing Your Own Special Song

January 2020

Defining Beauty: What Does Being Beautiful Mean to You?

Fall 2019

Together: We Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stand As One

Summer 2019

The Hero’s Journey: Embracing Change with Grace

Spring 2019

Dancing Feet: Move Toward the Life of your Dreams

Winter 2019

The Powerhouse Issue: Welcome to the Revolution!

Winter 2018

The Powerhouse Issue: Meet 10 Truly Amazing Women Who Are Taking the World by Storm!