It’s Popsie: Enjoy the Now • By Morty Varat and Danielle Joseph • Book design by Cindy Seip

About the book: His dream was to see every corner of the earth. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Popsie made it happen! After he received a full check-up, the doctor said, “The best thing I can recommend is for you to get rid of some of the tension.”

Being a good student, Morty took doc’s advice and traveled the globe in what he calls, “around the world in 80 years.” The book is full of wonderful “Popsieisms,” little sayings that Popsie would love to share with one and all in a fun way to teach from what he learned in life.

Morty was destined to be in the fashion business with 20 years at the helm of sports fashion company, Tail. Morty provides lots of invaluable business advice.

About book designer Cindy Seip: Born with a crayon in one hand and camera in the other, Cindy Seip has never ventured far from her creative instincts. Through the years, her creative side took hair pin turns, but always finished with a checkered flag.

As an “A+” student in art, it was her 12th grade art teacher, Mr. Popovitch, that set her on a professional course in design introducing her to the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute. There, she would earn her degree in Advertising Design.

She began her career at the Miami Herald Tropic Magazine and later started her own design + underwater portrait photography business.

 Over the years Seip has amassed an impressive client list with some high profile names like, Sony, Nasdaq, Ericsson, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AvMed, Miami International Book Fair, Breakthrough Miami and many more. Her accolades reflect her keen eye for design.

Seip resides in sunny Miami with her husband, Miami Herald Photojournalist, Al Diaz, two great kids and a cute Wheaten Terrier named Amanda Bubbles.