108 Affirmation Prompts to Spark your Imagination: What’s Next?

108 Affirmation Prompts to Spark your Imagination

Scroll down for a list of affirmation prompts by Cynthia to guide you on your journey into 2021. Simply finish the sentence with the confidence that what you envision and hope for is already real, true, and playing out beautifully in your life! Pick one or play with several as you fire up your imagination. Here’s to you!

Artwork by — Love it? Check out her Collection in the where you’ll discover more of Cynthia’s gorgeous paintings inspired by the high desert of Las Cruces, NM

Let inspiration be your guide: 

  1. I am:
  2. I welcome:
  3. I earn:
  4. I love:
  5. I will:
  6. I attract:
  7. I easily:
  8. I am a:
  9. It is safe for me to:
  10. I always:
  11. I release:
  12. The universe supports me by:
  13. I make:
  14. My talents are many and include:
  15. It is easy for me to achieve:
  16. I am prosperous in:
  17. I easily receive:
  18. I am grateful for:
  19. My purpose is:
  20. I am open to:
  21. My soul is connected to:
  22. I vibrate:
  23. Thank you, universe, for:
  24. I am always attracting:
  25. I am aligned with:
  26. I am connected to:
  27. I allow:
  28. It is safe for me to:
  29. I am a magnet for:
  30. I am a powerful….
  31. I am powerful at. .
  32. I can now do, achieve, have, enjoy, see….
  33. I am abundant in
  34. I have plenty of…
  35. I am receiving
  36. I affirm:
  37. I am happily:
  38. I can afford:
  39. I am grateful for:
  40. I attract a constant stream of:
  41. I am open to receiving, accepting, having…
  42. In this very moment I am, have:
  43. I expand:
  44. I always have more than enough of:
  45. I radiate:
  46. I am now rich in:
  47. My powerful, useful work here on earth is to:
  48. It is easiest for me to:
  49. My prosperity is:
  50. I am free from:
  51. I see myself as:
  52. I feel better when I:
  53. Every day I say to myself:
  54. My ______ is overflowing with:
  55. I affirm here and now and am determined today to:
  56. I allow myself to:
  57. I am aligned with:
  58. I can afford:
  59. I am financially:
  60. My success looks like:
  61. I am so happy that I can, do, have, see:
  62. I get paid to:
  63. I am a magnet for:
  64. The mission of my successful business is:
  65. I am manifesting:
  66. I am connected to:
  67. I am destined to:
  68. Money comes to me from:
  69. I embrace and accept that:
  70. I am ready to:
  71. I choose to:
  72. My health is:
  73. I vibrate:
  74. I have:
  75. Today I am going to do one thing:
  76. Thank you for:
  77. It is time for:
  78. I always have:
  79. I effortlessly and magically:
  80. It is safe for me to:
  81. To me, financial independence means:
  82. _______ flows to me every day and this is what I do to embrace and appreciate it:
  83. I have a great relationship with:
  84. I am free to:
  85. I am committed to:
  86. I am smiling because:
  87. My goals for today, this week, this month, this year are:
  88. It is easy for me to create:
  89. I easily and effortlessly attract:
  90. The door is open for me to:
  91. _____ is drawn to me, and this is how I embrace and honor it:
  92. I choose to be:
  93. My deepest wish today is to:
  94. I get paid to:
  95. I deserve:
  96. I can afford to:
  97. I find joy in these 3 simple things:
  98. I experience joy in these 5 ways:
  99. I choose to think:
  100.  I see myself in a year from now as:
  101.  Wherever I go I:
  102.  I am happy to:
  103.  I am forever more going to:
  104.  I congratulate myself for:
  105.  I am surrounded with:
  106.  I am open to:
  107.  I see myself as:
  108.  I am ready for: