Manno • A Fokal Special Edition • Book design by Cindy Seip

About the book: For more than 30 years, Manno Charlemagne has been the vocal conscience of Haiti. As a singer, songwriter, political activist and one-time mayor of Port-au Prince, he constantly challenged the status quo and stood up for the millions of poor Haitians who otherwise would have had no voice.

A soulful yet brazen balladeer, Manno for decades used his acoustic guitar and tender baritone voice as weapons against the brutal Duvalier regime and the civilized indifference of the insulated upper-class. A skinny, poor rebel from the slums, he was the little black fly in a cold glass of milk.

About book designer Cindy Seip: Born with a crayon in one hand and camera in the other, Cindy Seip has never ventured far from her creative instincts. Through the years, her creative side took hair pin turns, but always finished with a checkered flag.

As an “A+” student in art, it was her 12th grade art teacher, Mr. Popovitch, that set her on a professional course in design introducing her to the Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute. There, she would earn her degree in Advertising Design.

She began her career at the Miami Herald Tropic Magazine and later started her own design + underwater portrait photography business.

 Over the years Seip has amassed an impressive client list with some high profile names like, Sony, Nasdaq, Ericsson, Blue Cross Blue Shield, AvMed, Miami International Book Fair, Breakthrough Miami and many more. Her accolades reflect her keen eye for design.

Seip resides in sunny Miami with her husband, Miami Herald Photojournalist, Al Diaz, two great kids and a cute Wheaten Terrier named Amanda Bubbles.