Dear Chef: An invitation to Share Your Favorite Recipe

Dear Chef,

How comforting it is to end the year with a sense of relief. Yes, the world is still struggling with a devastating pandemic. Yes, we continue to reel from a caustic presidential election. And yes, we are all working to discover the new normal.

So what a blessing it is to look back on all that we’ve been through in 2020, pat ourselves on the back for making it through — and knowing in our hearts that a new year awaits, one filled with infinite possibilities!

With that goal in mind, we hope to shine a little light to your life with the release of our newest Inkandescent™ Publishing title: Your 2021 What’s Next Journal.

  • Filled with insights from 12 industry leaders about what they see coming in their businesses and lives, our goal is to help you flip through the months of the year with their guidance and support.
  • Each month’s chapter also features interactive prompts to help you focus and center your:
    • Mind (writing options from Hope)
    • Body (a series of simple but effective yoga poses)
    • Spirit (52 sets of affirmations)
    • Soul (art ideas by Cynthia)
    • Heart (healthy recipes from 12 of our favorite female chefs) — this is where you come in!

Our goal is to help readers fill the pages with their powerful thoughts and creative representations that will help them to go deeper into their psyche, and truly create the life of their dreams in 2021, and beyond.

Here’s where you come in!

What better way to open their hearts than with your favorite recipe? We are inviting you to pick a month (each has its own theme) and share a recipe. Be sure to include your name, title, a short bio, and a high-res photo.

Are you game? If so, scroll down to find our Table of Contents to pick your month. Or, just send us your favorite recipe and we’ll find a perfect month to match it to.  

Here’s to your incredible, indelible, Inkandescent future! — Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher, Inkandescent Women magazine, /

Table of Contents: Fill your Heart with Healthy Food All Year Long

Your What’s Next Journal

December 2020 — The Art of Saying Goodbye

January 2021 — Happy New Year: To Your Good Health

February 2021 — Spread the Love: What do you want for yourself?

March 2021 — Women’s History Month

April 2021 — Tax Time: The perfect time to make peace with money

May 2021 — Mental Health Month

June 2021 — National Safety Month

July 2021 — To Your Independence

August 2021 — National Family Fun Month

September 2021 — National Self-Care Awareness Month

October 2021 — Domestic Violence Awareness Month

November 2021 — Laughing Your Way to Gratitude

December 2021 — Wishing you a Glittering New Year

January 2022 — Here Comes the Sun