Executive Director of the Do It For The Love Foundation Lisa Rueff

Who she is: Yoga teacher Lisa Rueff is the executive director of Do It For The Love, a foundation founded in August 2013 by rocker Michael Franti and ER nurse Sara Agah.

What she does: This nonprofit, wish-granting organization brings people to live concerts who are in advanced stages of life-threatening illnesses, as well as children with severe challenges and wounded veterans.

Why she does it: “The moment I heard Michael and Sara describe the Do It For The Foundation they were creating, my heart was fully invested,” she says. “I adore music, especially the opportunity to attend concerts and festivals. I have personally experienced the uplifting and transformative power of music, and am especially drawn to inspiring, meaningful lyrics. In times of stress, sadness and despair, I have listened to songs that have given me hope, clarity and joy. To be able to give the gift of music to people in such challenging conditions, and include their loved ones and caretakers, is a gift beyond words. Since we’ve launched, I’ve witnessed the most profound moments of hope, healing and happiness in the recipients and their loved ones as they get to celebrate life together.”

The Enormous Power of Love

By Hope Katz Gibbs
Truly Amazing Women

Before taking the helm of the Do It For The Love Foundation, long-time yoga and activist Lisa Rueff worked with Virgin Unite—the philanthropic arm of Richard Branson’s Virgin Companies. Her job included organizing trips to countries that Virgin focused on for cultural exploration and entrepreneurial sharing.

Highlights include leading a trip to Jordan with Her Majesty Queen Noor as Ambassador, and with Sir Richard Branson to South Africa to focus on professional skills assistance, educational opportunities, and making the global village an even better place to live.

In addition, Rueff is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher. Through her company, Yoga Ventures, she has led more than 30 humanitarian-focused yoga and service trips abroad. She encourages her students to discover the joys of philanthropy and volunteer work, which ultimately means practicing yoga on and off your mat.

So we sat down with Lisa to learn more about her life, her work, and her passion for helping others.

In this podcast interview, we learn:

  • How Rueff got involved with the Do It For The Love foundation.
  • Who inspired Franti and Agah to start the foundation.
  • How the process of applying works, and how many people have been beneficiaries.
  • How the idea behind the foundation has been received by the musical community.
  • Which concert would she attend if her wish was granted?

Click here to listen to the podcast interview.

More about Lisa Rueff

In addition to being the executive director of Do It For The Love, Lisa Rueff is a vibrant and enthusiastic Bay Area yoga teacher popular for her ability to bring community together for fun and flowing yoga classes, as well as for fundraising events to benefit causes close to her heart. Based in Marin, she leads yoga retreats, classes, and workshops all over the world.

Leading international yoga and service trips abroad, she encourages her students to discover the joys of philanthropy and volunteer work. She also combines her love of international travel and yoga with short-term humanitarian trips to have a profound and sustainable impact on the global community.

Rueff is also founder and director of The Jacmel Children Center in Haiti, where she and her husband built a children’s community center and permanent home for homeless orphans.

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