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Listen to the podcast on Inkandescent Radio There is a powerful shift happening right now in the collective conscious

Here's how to access your inner power to follow your divine life path, with help from therapist Meghan O'Malley.


Holistic Life Coach Meghan O’Malley helps us access our inner power and follow our divine life path

A Note from psychotherapist Kara Kihm, host, Discovering My Wings Show on the Inkandescent Radio Network — Hello, and welcome to today’s episode of Discovering My Wings. As you know, I’m the author of the book about how my life profoundly transformed when I began listening to my intuition. This show is designed to help you do the same.

Today’s guestHolistic Life Coach Meghan O’Malley

Our topic: There is a powerful shift happening right now in the collective conscious. Here’s how to access your inner power to follow your divine life path.

We discuss:

  • The challenge: How we can mindfully question the known ways
  • The option: How we can have a more empowered choice regarding how, when, and why we move forward in our lives — including our work and the ways we relate to ourselves and others
  • The shift: When we become mindful and aware of our inherited, unconscious conditioning we see how the rules and a default approach are often not aligned with our authentic humanity, our unique experience
  • The choice: When we aren’t aligned with our authentic humanity, we often see mental and physical health issues. – suppressed emotions and truth often create dis-ease
  • The joy: How we can all reclaim Divine Feminine energy to make decisions, shape perspectives, and lead our lives allows us to honor and value things like our interconnectedness

You aren’t going to want to miss this episode!

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About MeghanHaving spent more than a decade practicing psychotherapy before shifting her practice fully to holistic life coaching, Meghan believes she can share her full purpose, quirky humanity, and huge toolbox to support mind-blowing transformation — while fiercely loving reclamation of the self. At the core of her work, Meghan believes that people are inherently creative, brilliant, and whole and is on a mission to empower as many as possible to remember this wholeness so that they can more fully embody their unique purpose and Divine path because that is when life gets really magical. Learn more at, and also connect with Meghan on Instagram