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On today's episode of the Voices4Change Radio and TV show, you'll learn how film has the power to change minds and change lives. Host and filmmaker Tracy Schott finds insight from Global Peace Film Festival leaders Nina Streich and Kelly Divine.


Catch the Creativity Bug: Take a page from the script of the leaders of the Global Peace Film Festival — Nina Streich and Kelly DeVine

January 25, 2021: A note from filmmaker Tracy Schott, host, Voices4Change Radio Show on the Inkandescent Radio Network — When it comes to making the world a better place, creating films is a fabulous place to start. As the producer and director of Finding Jenn’s Voice, I know firsthand how powerful it can be to make a movie that tells an important story. 

When I had the chance to work with the leaders of the Global Peace Film Festival, I learned this lesson on an even deeper level. It’s a pleasure to introduce you to the leaders of this organization. We all invite you to attend the virtual festival this year: September 20-26, 2021. 

Meet Nina Streich: This truly amazing woman has extensive professional experience in film/television, politics — and event planning and logistics. Couple those skills with being a lifelong activist, Nina is committed to working for a better, more peaceful world.  

Since 2003, she has been the Executive Director of the Global Peace Film Festival. “I was hired to create a film event in Orlando, Florida — and I didn’t even know the local area code,” Nina shares. “In the years since, I have helped turn into a collaboration with the local community, using the arts — particularly film — to inspire positive social, cultural, and personal change.”

Nina’s professional career highlights include:

  • Cutting trailers for over 50 major studio and independent feature films
  • Producing documentaries, serving as Deputy Commissioner of the NYC Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting
  • Managing the Newport International Film Festival
  • And creating and running the Global Peace Film Festival since 2003

Her festival highlights include: 

  • Developing the K-12 student peace art exhibit through Orange County (FL) Public Schools
  • The opportunity to work on international festivals in Japan, Korea, Israel and Jordan, and Nepal


Meet Kelly DeVine: Since 2006, Kelly has served as the Artistic Director for the Global Peace Film Festival. With the goal of turning powerful stories into community-in-action, her work at the film festival supports and amplifies Central Florida civic, faith, educational, and activist groups by curating film and media events to raise awareness and catalyze audiences. Kelly has consulted on impact projects for award-winning documentaries such as Bully, How to Survive A Plague. Previously she had worked in acquisitions for IFCTV.

Kelly says: “Working with Global Peace Film Festival has allowed me to weave together so many many interests of mine — culture, politics, environmental protection, and more — through the project of modeling peace and supporting positive change.”

Be sure to watch our interview with Nina and her film festival partner Kelly DeVine share their insights and experiences running this international event!