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Understanding the new Texas Abortion Law — and its devastating impact on women, their unborn babies, and the future of intimate partner violence.


What’s Abortion Got to Do With It? Understand the new Texas Abortion Law in this 3-part series

October 2021: A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher, Inkandescent Women magazine — Each year, we honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month, thanks to the insight and activism of one of our favorite Inkandescent™ Publishing clients, filmmaker Tracy Schott, founder of the international organization to end intimate partner violence, Voices4Change.

In the October 2020 issue of the magazine, we featured Tracy and her award-winning documentary, “Finding Jenn’s Voice,” a powerful film that examines the fact that one of the top reasons for death during pregnancy is — MURDER. ” Tracy said in her message, pointing me to more information about the film and this tragic problem that impacts millions of women and children each year. Click here to read more.

To help our audience better understand this topic, Tracy and I created a weekly podcast and video series that we have produced throughout 2021. In it, Tracy interviews survivors of intimate partner violence featured in her film and her upcoming book, as well as the experts who are guiding us all on the path to put an end to this devastating epidemic — find those episodes on and

In anticipation of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Tracy joined forces with attorney Kelsey McKay and social worker Erica Olson — the leaders of another powerful organization, RESPOND Against Violence. Together, they help us understand yet another blow to women’s rights, Texas’ new restrictive abortion law, TX SB8.

“What’s Abortion Got to Do With It?”

In this three-part series, Tracy, Kelsey, and Erica unpack the devastating impact of the Texas abortion law to help us understand what it says, its potential impact on women currently trying to get out of abusive relationships, and what we can all do to stand up for the rights of women and children.

Scroll down for a snapshot of our panel, and be sure to learn more about these truly amazing women and other related powerhouses in this month’s sidebar articles, where you’ll discover:

  • Why award-winning filmmaker Tracy Schott is writing her new book: “Top 10 Things Journalists Need to Know About Intimate Partner Violence.”
  • What inspired attorney Kelsey McKay founded RESPOND Against Violence, and why this former Texas prosecutor is determined to change how the American justice system works for women: One woman, one case at a time
  • A social worker on a mission: Erica Olson (check out her list of resources for women)
  • How Lovern Gordon is challenging men worldwide to take responsibility for each other to end intimate partner violence: And take the White Ribbon Pledge.
  • “Why Do They Kill? — Men Who Murder Their Intimate Partners:” In a unique addition to Inkandescent Women magazine, we introduce you to Dr. David Adams, author of the first American study of domestic homicide that includes in-depth interviews with killers.
  • And, we invite you to explore LunaFest 2021: We invite you to be inspired, empowered, and support RESPOND Against Violence by purchasing tickets to the upcoming virtual event. Your donation gives you access to 7 powerful short films, created by women, about women. This access to LUNAFEST will be available on-demand during the weekend of October 15-16. Buy your tickets here!

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OUR HOST: Award-winning filmmaker and founder of Voices4Change Tracy Schott — With the goal of ending domestic violence, Tracy’s documentary Finding Jenn’s Voice brings to light the horrifying fact that one of the leading causes of death during pregnancy is murder. Determined to stop the global devastation, in January 2021, the Pennsylvania-based entrepreneur launched a weekly podcast/video series to share the courageous stories of survivors and experts worldwide who are working toward the same goal. Learn more about Tracy and her work at

In this podcast series: Tracy will moderate the panel and share her insights into the impact that the Texas abortion law will have on the victims of Intimate Partner Violence — not just in Texas but around the world.

OUR ATTORNEY: Kelsey McKay — one of the most recognized national experts on criminal asphyxiation in the context of sexual and interpersonal violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. She is the president and CEO of RESPOND Against Violence, an organization that integrates the experience of individuals, communities, and systems to improve the collective response to violence and trauma.

Kelsey trains and consults nationally to implement sustainable protocols and strengthen how communities collaborate, investigate, treat and prosecute strangulation and cases ranging from intimate partner violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, child abuse, and homicide.

In this podcast series: Kelsey will inform us of the realities of the law and help us understand its implications.

OUR SOCIAL WORKER: Erica Olson, MSS, MLSP A consultant, trainer, and subject matter expert specializing in gender-based violence and trauma-informed care and management, Erica draws on her 20 years of experience in direct services, advocacy, policy, and applied research to aid nonprofits, government agencies, and the private sector in advancing their knowledge and practices around interpersonal violence and abuse, gender inequality, and trauma.

Erica provides case and program consultation, expert witness testimony, training, and technical assistance.  Erica has been appointed to multiple state and national efforts, including the CDC’s Rape Prevention and Education Program and National Violent Death Reporting System.  She is the former Director of the NJ Domestic Violence Fatality and Near Fatality Review Board and has co-authored curricula, policy, regulations, and legislation. Her work has been published in the peer-reviewed Victims and Violence.

In this podcast series: Erica will share her insights into the far-reaching consequences of the government controlling women’s bodies and share what we know about the impact of these types of laws on gender-based violence.