“Life is a gift, given in trust — like a child.” — Anne Morrow Lindberg, “Gift from the Sea”

November 3, 2020: A Note from Hope, publisher Inkandescent Women magazine — I sit here on election day, chewing my fingers and slugging back coffee as I await the results of the most contested election of my lifetime. That the future of our nation, our children, and with world is at stake is not understating the reality we are about to inherit.

If I know anything, though, it is that we are all only in control of three things — our thoughts, our feelings, our own actions. With that in mind, I choose to focus on the gift of giving thanks and focus on all that I believe is beautiful in the world. The first thought that pops to mind is to pick up my copy of a magnificent book that I have carried with me for decades, “Give from the Sea,” by Anne Morrow Lindberg.

I actually purchased the 50th anniversary copy back in the spring of 2018 after a particularly painful breakup. I had taken myself to the sea to heal in Rehoboth, Delaware where I walked for miles each day along the sandy shore. Each night, I read another chapter of Anne’s book, hoping that the wisdom in this tiny 130-page tome would wash my sorrow away until I could breathe again.

Today, I picked up this perfect book again.

Randomly I opened to page 38, the chapter entitled “Moon Shell.” Anne writes: “I walked far down the beach, soothed by the rhythm of the waves, the sun on my bare back and legs, the wind and mist from the spray of my hair. Into the waves and out like a sandpiper. And then home, drenched, drugged, reeling, full to the brim with my day alone; full like the moon before the night has taken a single nibble of it; full as a cup poured up to the lip. There is a quality of fullness that the Psalmist expressed: ‘My cup runner over.’ 

With that thought in my heart, I introduce the November 2020 issue of Inkandescent Women magazine. Our theme this month is The Gift of Giving Thanks: Celebrate Everything You Have, Everything You Love, Everything You Are

We shine the spotlight on 8 Truly Amazing Women: 

Whatever the results of the election, we hope you enjoy this issue of Inkandescent Women magazine. It is monthly labor of love to bring you the stories of women who are making strides and changing lives.

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Stay safe, stay well, and Be Inkandescent. We’ll talk with you next month! — Hope