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Going on a nature walk with Intuitive Therapist Kara Kihm: Magic marks the spot

June 6, 2022: A Note from Hope Katz Gibbs, publisher, Inkandescent Women magazine and producer, Inkandescent Radio and 

What a pleasure it is to feature our client and dear friend Kara Kihm in the summer issue of Inkandescent Women magazine! We first introduced you to this intuitive psychotherapist and author last fall. In the months since then, Kara has launched a podcast and video show that has taken the Internet by storm. Check it out on her new website that the Inkandescent team had the privilege of creating:

The weekly series is sponsored by the international mental health and mindfulness organization 4M TV USA. Each episode features therapists from around the world who have undergone extraordinary experiences and have chosen to share their stories, knowledge, and wisdom with us as therapists and leaders. “When I created the show, I knew that I wanted to shine a light on all of the amazing therapists that I’ve had the privilege of meeting in my 15 years as a psychotherapist,” explains Kara, who has practices in Georgia and North Carolina. “I am blown away by the traumatic experiences they share, and the work they have done to overcome challenges that might take anyone else down for the count. It is an honor to know these people and share their stories with the world.”

In the June-July issue of Inkandescent Women: You’ll meet the women Kara has interviewed so far this year — from singer/songwriter Emma G who is changing the lives of youths through music to fashion therapist Marisol Colette. Check out their stories and interviews with Kara in the sidebar.

That’s not all: You’ll also learn that Kara’s practice as an intuitive therapist enables her to offer holistic therapy and energy work virtually. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Reiki Master (RMT), she uses an integrative approach to connect the mind, body, and spirit. Kara explains: “I see each client as a whole being and, in each session, combine traditional therapy models such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Somatic work with meditative practices, breathing techniques, and imagery to help reduce emotional distress.”

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Intuitive Nature Walks: “When we are present, we can hear the voice of God within and around us,” believes Kara. “Because of that, perhaps the most powerful offering I have for my clients is a nature walk.”

Ask yourself: 

  • Have you come to a fork in the road and can’t decide which way to turn?
  • Do you need support during a life transition?
  • Are you unsure about the next steps to take?
  • Do you desire some guidance at this point in your life?
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We leave you with this parting thought from Kara to guide you through the week: “You are already wise and everything you need to know is inside of you. Sometimes we just need a little guidance and support to hear our inner whispers. As we walk in nature, I help clients access their intuition and unlock the answers they desire.”

Until next Monday: I hope you lace up your walking shoes and bathe in the glory of nature that surrounds you! — Hope Katz Gibbs, founder, and president, Inkandescent™ Inc.

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